“ What Chance ” ~ for life ahead ~


The die was cast

We’d live a time

But could not last,

In this world stead

We’d pushed so fast

For life ahead,

That might’ve been

What so misled,

We’d end beyond

The too far past,

To fix the wrongs

Of what we’d left,

Thus so chose blind

And visionless,

To what man blurred,

As legacy of cries unheard,

For that of a dead grey world!

                                                                             ode to man’s final legacy


9 thoughts on ““ What Chance ” ~ for life ahead ~

    • Merci Diane… Unfortunately true, as man will put off his overall responsibilities, while he satisfies his personal needs, the kind that ripples out to those of his ilk. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you Paulette… I had thought by now, at least in the country of my birth and now home again, that we as a society might have birthed enough honesty, courage and brain power to rein-in permanent control over the greed and indifference that is powering our planet to oblivion.

      Sadly there is absolutely no concrete evidence that we can reverse our death path in time, with the present course of near in-action. All we have is a lot of rhetoric and a Prime Minister who keeps pushing for pipelines to move the most polluting oil in the world (tar-sand oil) to the USA and thru to our west coast for sea shipments to China. The Chinese encourage, and sadly Mr.Obama has yet to decide on positive action toward a livable future. Jean-Jacques

      • Sadly we are made to be subjected by men in power, who have that great human capacity for choosing not to see. A profit, a few thousand years ago is said to have uttered, “forgive them for they know not what they do”. I was a little boy when I heard it, they still don’t know, and by the looks of it they ain’t about to know before I take my leave from this little old world. But until then, and as long as I have breath, I shall keep hounding! Jean-Jacques

    • The fact that I am born of French parents, and by nature of that influence prone to ( râler, en français, in english not as precise, said moan) being critical, it is part of this natural tendency which does not permit me to give up my pursuit of bitching about wrongs we humans are made suffer. The humans whom we naively elect. They who have brought us to the desperate situation devised the corporate, financial, and political powers. Mine is but a grain of sand in the overall scheme of things, but as you have inferred, eventually the numbers will start to make a difference. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. Jean-Jacques

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