8 thoughts on ““ Dark Eyes ” ~ wants disguise ~

    • Because you are my friend, and you and I know, you know about lawyers… I sit across a lady with dark eyes near every day, and when there is a break in the conversation, my racing mind keeps painting scenes that create all unlimited manner of scenarios. Yesterday was no different, nor is today as you are about to see in the next poem posting. Two clews are all you get for this one, to choose the elements that will finish the painting of your choice. You have a head start with the words dark eyes and lawyer… as in the ability to hold things in, and close to the vest, as the saying goes. Jean-Jacques

      • More or less, save I was thinking more of the lawyer’s ‘don’t give anything away trained mind’ behind the dark eyes I was writing about, while my usual racing mind was taking in the picture that composed the description in my poem. With your Terry being a lawyer and all, I knew you could relate to my reply. Jean-Jacques

    • Oh yes I do, and a variety of them, not ideas, but definitions all based on one criteria. One that ignores the mundane classic rhetoric, relegated airbrushed faking for commercial ignorance.

      However the closest I can come to putting a label on my criteria, is to call it “non-conformist individualism”. The whole point being that I as most, save for cursory passing glances. we all see shapes, sizes, and colours quite differently. On that basis there can be no singular formula to depict an all around, all consuming word that personifies beauty per se.

      Ergo I have a variety of definitions, non of which have been contaminated by subliminal messagery, nor do I rely on a philosophical approach, that has but questions for answers. In the final analysis, and to use a still workable cliché, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and forever will remain so! Jean-Jacques

  1. We are drawn to “eyes” because we recognize that they hold unique thoughts, hopes, values, emotions. I’ll be looking forward to the “Lawyers”

    • Actually… ‘la suite ‘ per se was not meant to be about lawyers, as lawyers came into the picture as a result of like dark eyes who keep their thoughts close to the vest, so do lawyers by training and profession. Bothe my wife, and Paulette’ husband are lawyers, ergo the reference in our exchange. What followed referred to in the exchanged was in fact “The Chance” ~ of life ahead ~. But your words as to my writing a piece on Lawyers does inspire, and may well have the wheels turning in that direction. Thank you for that. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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