“ Now You’re Here ” ~ too soon you’re gone ~


Now you’re here,

Tho far too soon

You’re gone,

Leaving no reason

To the surrounds,

Save suggest year

Had but one season

Rather unclear,

Seen fulltime grey

With baleful demons,

No longer able

Kept at bay,

And so fate chose

You disappear,

To not extend

You suffer appear,

Another morrow’s day!


11 thoughts on ““ Now You’re Here ” ~ too soon you’re gone ~

    • It seems we humans, supposedly arrive at some point in time, when we face the demons of reality, and an approximation of where we are to what may be left of our lives. I thought sharing this expression of reality, thru my ‘here now and soon gone’ poem, might put the issue in its proper perspective. Thanks again Paulette. Jean-Jacques

  1. A profound reminder that we must be eager participants in creating communities that fosters hope and believes in possibilities. I believe that we all make a difference. We will disappear, but our memories live on in others. 🙂

    • If you mean we only get one go, I’ve never met, heard, or seen anyone who came back to say it was his or her second time around… so yes, never twice! Jean-Jacques

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