“ Musings ” ~ that fed my mind ~


I should’ve known

There’d be a day,

When musings then

That fed my mind,

Might find suspend

Held dedicated mend,

Hence ne’er again

Succours one find,

Alternate that allays

Soul nurturing ways,

Save musers badly frayed!



6 thoughts on ““ Musings ” ~ that fed my mind ~

  1. How could you/we have known. It seems like the unfolding and what it does also changes with and because of our viewpoint/perception along with the external changes. Can innocent eyes see otherwise? So hard to know for sure without extreme cases. A powerful poem.

    • WOW Paulette… What an interesting place this poem has taken you. Can innocent eyes see otherwise?… Maybe I’ve been at it for so long I’d forgotten innocence was still out there, and that no doubt can see otherwise. And maybe the thoughts that had fed and continue to feed my mind never really left me, but a kind of reverse role experience occurred, and I left them, those musings, out there tumbling around in confusion, seeing and thinking as though I had dried up like a frayed old boot. It goes back a while now since I had such a feeling, but like all scribblers those extreme cases, as in drying up, said mental block, in spite of prolific periods, are never completely forgotten, and we subconsciously stay nervous. So I give myself reminders, like this “Musings” poem, to fit varied boogeyman issues. I just feel it’s gotta help knowing that we aren’t alone to experience the ride. Thank you my friend. for confirming ! Jean-Jacques

  2. I love the start:

    “I should’ve known
    There’d be a day,”

    And yet we are always surprised! I have often wondered whether in our crazy-busy world, we have neglected the powerful action of “musing.” We become so connected that we forget to set aside time for reflection and contemplation.

    • Yes the power of thought and the privilege of being able to reach out to make a conscious decision of taking the time for musing, as an absolute necessary practice for ones health and survival. If we can accept the concept of physical exercise for physical wellbeing, as something we owe our body, shouldn’t we have the same obligation to our mind, thus musing to exercise our intellectual well being?

      Thank you Rebecca for giving me the stage for my rhetorical question on “Musings”. As time now seems to shrink the more each passing day, musing becomes a significant part of ones daily diet. Jean-Jacques

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