“ Morrows ” ~ ever nearer ~


Should you doubt

Life’s fleeting pace,

I’ll set you right

On lifespan’s face,

The days that burn

With barely time

To see the night,

Or a full term

Of this life’s race,

Save ye borrow

Someone’s turn

Afore the morrow,

Less fate means play

A slice of mirth,

And chose instead

A bed of earth,

Be untimely stead

Tells best not dwell,

On wasteful notions

While ever nearer be,

Those waiting morrows!




8 thoughts on ““ Morrows ” ~ ever nearer ~

  1. My sister’s father-in-law passed today. Your thoughts reminded me that we are a part of the infinite landscape. That we must be willing to surrender to the day that is given – to love and be loved, to give and to receive. To embrace it all – the joy, sorrow, hope and longing – that is part of our human experience. Thank you!!!

    “On lifespan’s face,
    The days that burn
    With barely time
    To see the night,”

    • Condolences to sister and you Rebecca.

      I do indeed like where you point. A minor adjustment, gives yet another perspective to our few morrows;

      With Morrows
      ~ up close ~

      On a lifespan face
      The days that burn
      Gives barely time
      To see the night!

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

      P.S…Thank you for that dear friend, that says it all!

    • Thank you Paulette. I believe the jury’s still out on this Buddha… as some say he did and some say he didn’t. However there is no doubt in what you say, that Life, now, is precious… to which I echo and so alas repeat, “With barely time, Tells best not dwell, on wasteful notions”. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you, Paulette! What a month it has been, but I have taken comfort in the joy of living today, in the moment….

      It is wonderful to meet kindred spirits along the way!

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