A footnote by Jean-Jacques Fournier, on “ Survival ” ~ no time for sorrow ~

A footnote on the poem “ Survival ” ~ no time for sorrow ~ The ode was to the poor men who were forced to live under such inhuman conditions, in those unbelievably cruel times.

I would point out that this poem was not intended to condone the cruelty in what these starving men of the 1914 Newfoundland world had to do to survive, which would ultimately feed the greed of the ship owners, and fur trade of the times.

 If you wish to find out more about the horrific life these hard-up men were made to endure to feed themselves and their starving families, read about the 132 men who died in The 1914 Newfoundland Seal Hunt Disaster, in Jennifer Higgins’ book ‘Perished’. Jenny Higgins is a writer and researcher living in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Her book is also available on line at amazon.ca, and chapter.indigo.ca.



5 thoughts on “A footnote by Jean-Jacques Fournier, on “ Survival ” ~ no time for sorrow ~

    • For both men and animals, if there is a modicum of feelings in us, we can not help but care, that fellow creatures are put in like horrendous situations. Thus so, most suffer as helpless witnesses, and are thankful for the Paulettes and Terrys of this world for reaching out to fellow creatures in need. Jean-Jacques

  1. Found it on Amazon, but was surprised that Vancouver Public Library didn’t have a copy. I have sent an e-mail request for them to purchase “Perished” as it is Canadian history written by a Canadian author! Thank you for the recommendation.

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