“ A Fading Voice ” ~ all but discernable ~

I feel reverberate

A sound that be

All but discernible,

Tho not quite dead,

There be no doubt

In not optimal state,

Yet man so begs

While fading voice

Sadly abates,

In time we hear

That erudite mind

Might effort mend,

To save held dear

Lifeblood amend,

For air we breathe

And water deemed

‘Tis equal to survive,

Save our world ends!


4 thoughts on ““ A Fading Voice ” ~ all but discernable ~

    • Thank you again Paulette. That voice, the voice of conscionable man, the issue of my poem, with time will completely fade out of existence if we don’t constantly and persistently keep putting out reminders. Reminders to the people, our governments, and especially the polluting producer industries’s failure to take serious measures so as to reverse that deadly poisonous trend in which we are trapped.

      Reading this morning of the major studies to move forward the developments of ejecting sulphuric dust particles into the stratosphere to stop and control our planet’s global warming, inspired and reminded me to keep doing my bit which includes messaging thru my humble poems.

      Who knows maybe the likes of our Canadian federal government, led by tar-sands dirty oil salesman Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Harper, and the many world oil companies the likes of the Shell Oil owned by the Dutch, will finally be forced out, and replaced by alternate non-toxic energy sources that does not also pollute a major portion of our waterways for thousands of years to come, before all life form moves to extinction. Jean-Jacques

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