“ Labels ” ~ of design fables ~



Of design fables

Be latent oubliettes,

To cover flaws

Meant to forget,

Thin façades

Fixed to disguise,

The reality

Of devious wise,

Designed to cover

Their obvious lies…


Free-ride labels

You’re but lags,

Sad symbolic tags

That camouflage,

To validate

Your trendy state

Less than able,

Left to hide

In shadows

Of deceptive labels!


6 thoughts on ““ Labels ” ~ of design fables ~

    • Your response is most interesting, and I thank you my friend. Many of us may yet remember when labels were something affixed to the inside of a garment. Or commercials were limited to print or television eventually, and now sadly, movie theatres. But now horror, even given names or surnames are referred to as one’s label, thus to be well thought out before giving it to a newborn child for the many invented reasons I will refrain from enumerating. I digress for my piece is purposely ambiguous, in the process of reaching all that is intended to be believed by they, whom we once near blindly trusted. Look around, as the gamut runs from pawn to king. Jean-Jacques

  1. How very nice of you, my dear friend Delvina. I somewhat lost for words at this honour you bestow upon my poem, but not enough to not find words of thanks for your ongoing encouragement and support as your re-blog of my most recent post, of my “Labels” poem. You are indeed a wonderful lady, and I thank you again.

    • Good point… Thanks for adding another dimension to the interpretation of my poem. As the issue involves commercial honesty, or more to the point… dishonesty, interpreting my message is kind of a pick your poison choice, so to speak. Jean-Jacques

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