“ Child Memory ” ~ of an escapade ~


On a country road

Of craggy landscape

Brings to mind,

A lasting memory

Of years behind,

Tells of a boy

Be five no more,

With corn cob pipe

Said grandpa’s joy,

Tho as gramps snored

Boy made of it a toy…


Thus pipe and boy

Ran for laden trees

Whose leaves galore,

Arch rutted road

To frame a wonderland,

Where fairy-tales unfold

To fleeting boyish deeds,

Wants veil escapade’s hold

Where child memory seeds,

Deep in the fallen leaves

Fast asleep he dreams,

Of puffing on grandpa’s pipe!

                                                                        a Huntington tale

5 thoughts on ““ Child Memory ” ~ of an escapade ~

    • The old stories are the surest to find images of feelings that paint a picture we find that helps keep alive the road that brought us where we are thus far. Your norman Rockwell is an excellent example, and remembering him since childhood, I found the remind quite flattering. How nice… I thank you for that, dear friend. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you for acknowledging the smile. Every once in a while words that cause to smile, wins over words I write wants tell of issues that needs remind, exposed or simply share, to somehow face what we humans live with in spite choice not always to our liking. Jean-Jacques

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