“ In Echo’s Reach ” ~ I can yet hear ~

I can yet hear

In echo’s reach,

A lingering sound

Of surging waves,

Resounds in each

A plea begs save,

Tho well beyond

Risk may be found,

To now gain near

This time around,

That one may hear

Man anguished cry,

Wants but survive!

4 thoughts on ““ In Echo’s Reach ” ~ I can yet hear ~

    • Thank you Paulette… I am most pleased that you rated it so highly, for I have very high regard for your ability to interpret the underlying inferences and the depth of the message like poems carry. Very touching and a privilege to receive your comments and critiques, as a knowledgeable writer and a friend. Jean-Jacques

  1. I have been away from blogging for a few days spending time with my mother who has been in hospital. Your “wants but survive” was especially poignant given that I have seen medical teams caring for the elderly. Our voice grow fainter with age, but there is a strength and yearning to survive. It is an “echo’s reach.” Wonderfully profound thought…

    • Pleased to read that you are back, but sorry to hear of your mother’s illness. Not an easy situation to see our parents starting to physically fade, especially when their will to survive remains so evident.

      Always a pleasure to read your positive remarks on my life musings. Thank you for your continued support and well thought out remarks. Truly appreciated! Jean-Jacques

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