“ In Man ” ~ we trust ~

Being bold

We ventured

To uphold,

The objectivity

Of a creature

Named man,

To trust implicitly                                                                                           

This elected being,                                             

Believed noble

And assuredly whole,

Could not be suspect                  

Of an exiguous soul,

Nor likely crafted

To a liken fraud,

As his invented god…


Thus we till dead,

Man be a mortal

Creatures most dread,

Yet can’t negate

Naively we’re beguiled

With his earthly state,

When all the while,

Hold query trust in man!

10 thoughts on ““ In Man ” ~ we trust ~

    • Thank you my friend, and good questions. The ages you say… By now shouldn’t we collectively be able to turn our backs on the beguilers so as to once, and if not for all, at least for more so than we have so far, deal with what is, rather than what we choose to think is, so as not to have to go to the trouble to make it right. Wishful thinking… well maybe, but it has to start somewhere, and before they who encourage control so as to exclusively privilege the privileged, bring the whole of due retribution down around our collective proverbial knees, or by now closer to our ankles. Just a thought prompted by your questions, and the reason for this poem.

      Have a thoughtful week mon ami! Jean-Jacques

  1. “By now shouldn’t we collectively be able to turn our backs on the beguilers so as to once, and if not for all, at least for more so than we have so far….” A very good question and one that opens the discussion to greater reflection. The very definition of “beguile” includes the terms “charm” and “enchant.” Most of us want to be charmed so we simply respond rather than analyze. Charms and enchantments never worked in fairy tales – so they probably won’t work for us either!

    An excellent dialogue….

    • Thank you for this my friend. By now we should be able to our backs, but the political system that protects the corporate and wealth power etc, and vice versa as in power who manoeuvre their political elected puppets, have built a system that all but negates our ability to take back control of our own destiny.

      Only a willing grassroots collective body of citizens, in agreement to start the process of ridding ourselves of our corrupted so called democratic system. This in exchange for what democracy’s original purpose was intended to be, as in, for the people and by the people, and not for the self-chosen few, who presently wastefully live off our backs, like they own us. Thus so until we trade them in every 4 or 5 years for an other set of greedy incompetent, fearless leaders, to fill there respective coffers, before the next crop moves in.

      Encouraging isn’t it… now your move my dear Rebecca! Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • I agree wholeheartedly. We must be active participants in building a sustainable world. We cannot allow ourselves to embrace mediocrity.

        “The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of myself.” Jane Addams

      • Thank you Rebecca for your well chosen words to acknowledge my reflexion on the men we’d hoped to be able to trust. The depth of a well read lady that you are is ever impressive. You have a welcomed way of opening the door to broadening the interpretation of poems that are or border on abstract. A most appropriate quote indeed by Jane Addams. Thank you my friend! Jean-Jacques

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