“ Beyond Reach ” ~ a voice too far ~

I can scarce hear

A voice too far,

Now beyond reach

Undoubtedly fading,

Thusly I fear

I’ll find in time,

The voice that died

Must have been mine,

For shout or screech

No one appears,

Who can tell I am not here

And thus beyond reach,

Too far to see or hear!

4 thoughts on ““ Beyond Reach ” ~ a voice too far ~

    • It is such a treat to receive comment from one who truly understands the ultimate purpose of poetic expression, and as well has the imagination and far reaching ability to interpret the pictures inspired. Thank you Paulette for being there with me! Jean-Jacques

  1. I am continually reminded that we must recognize and give value to the voice that is within us. We live in a finite existence, yet understand the infinite. Destiny is a forward motion. Our voice is our legacy, our words remain behind. And yes, our voices will fade, but only because we join with others who shared our journey.

    Thank you for your life-affirming and poignant reminder….

    • I thank you Rebecca, for giving my words, that extra emphasis that forces one seek meaning to this reflection in more than one direction. Excellent! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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