7 thoughts on ““ The Way ” ~ to discover ~

  1. I love beginnings for there is the hope of possibilities. But what I am finding as I grow older is that we are always at the beginning, at a threshold, a window, an opening. “To discover the experience….” We are on a quest. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, for that feeling or impression, though often oscillating between the conscious and the unconscious, more and more as you say, as we get older, we experience a greater awareness of living a life of daily new beginnings. Great that we have this for which to look forward. Then again one must have some rewards for the contributions we must make for the privilege of growing older. N’es pas chère amis Rebecca? Jean-Jacques

      • Well said!!! Vancouver had a snowstorm yesterday! Today the sunshine is brilliant against the white snow that is already melting. A new day, a new beginning! Thank you for making my day….

    • What can I say, save yes you’re right. However, though some of my writing is about age and aging or getting old, I’ve yet to discover what that word old really feels like. But smile, I know about smile, and even inside and out which makes me feel happy, as I do now, from knowing that my poetry takes you along through the life experiences I explore, and or witness. Thank you for being there with me Paulette! Jean-Jacques

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