“ A Snow Flake ” ~ at the bottom lies ~


A snow flake

At the bottom lies,

Be reason I wonder

About the others

Who first arrived,

And now held under

Manage to survive,

While on the surface

Layer upon layer

More materialize,

Thus no surprise

As scale expands

Find to hold hands,

Supporting each other

To bear the strain

They’ve need to shoulder,

When snow turns to rain…


Hence be brothers

Reach for druthers,

To save what’s left

Spared of corrupt,

If not in vain

From mans foul mess,  

When snow flakes turn to rain!


6 thoughts on ““ A Snow Flake ” ~ at the bottom lies ~

    • The metaphors to be found in nature’s abundent product of my native northern country are many, and rather appropriate to make a poetic point on man’s cavalier attitude, especially of the political puppet and financial power variety, about our deteriorating environment. Thank you Francina, for your encouraging words!


    • I agree, the while it is alive, and up to the point mankind gets its hands on or near them. Nature then no longer has a chance to allow snow flakes, or most other eliminates of its beauty to survive its intended natural course unsoiled from birth to demise! Thank you Diane for opening that door. Jean-Jacques

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