“ The Vulture ” ~ on leftover culture ~


I am the vulture

Who seeks to feed

On leftover culture,

Beyond man’s need

For more than ever

Be generous measures,

Egregiously squandered

Thru greedy ventures,

Producing such waste

In varied assortment

For every bird’s taste,

Hence so dissipates

Held water and air

Of once drinkable state,

And near breathable space!

11 thoughts on ““ The Vulture ” ~ on leftover culture ~

    • Thank you again Paulette for your always welcome words of appreciation. As well that you recognized my à la Poe penchant for surfacing man’s dark side, honest humans will forever have to endure. We must at least be on guard against man’s ever increasing excesses for the sake of the almighty dollar, if the world is to survive.


  1. Very well said…through all that goes on, you still manage a breathable space…so let me breath in with you my friend! Have great Thursday, big hugs, Delvi.

    • Thank you kindly mon ami Delvi… it is indeed comforting to read of your support and appreciation for the feelings I have a powerful need to express. If nothing else it at least relieves the frustration I experience with the power that be forcing their self serving decisions on the people who pay their way. Jean-Jacques

      • You,re so welcome Jean-Jacques…and I agree with all that you’re sating. Have a great day, Delvi.

  2. Eloquent words that challenge us to reexamine how we live our lives. In our scramble for resources, we all play the part of a vulture. Thank you for reminding us to pay attention, to consider our role in this “leftover culture.”

    • Thank you Rebecca, and as you so eloquently put it, the challenge you speak of is exactly that and more, like on the scale of a humongous challenge. Sadly my words are but a cry for recognition of and for they who will follow. They whom we who are already here will give birth to, thus to assuredly suffer the consequences of our inactions, if we do nothing about the present seemingly “laisser-faire”posture of they who we elect to control the out of control. Jean-Jacques

      • Well said, my dear friend. We MUST take every opportunity to stand for noble and just pursuits. The generations that follow will bear the results of our actions or inactions. It is a sobering thought, indeed!

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