“ A Distant Voice ” ~ that beckons ~

I hear a cry

Tormented so,

Tears by the by

Do leave a wake

Of such dismay,

Mind has need

To find a way,

If but to still

A distant voice,

Whose forlorn cry

Allays not beckon,

Into the night

Its waning words

In dismal plight,

Wants restore whole

Thus begs relight,

Man’s dark lost soul!

18 thoughts on ““ A Distant Voice ” ~ that beckons ~

  1. Oh, the imagery and thoughts that come to me when I read your words come from a universal need to find our way. We call out because the journey is best taken together. The forlorn cry is within us all. Brilliant.

    • Rebecca, you have to know how much I appreciate your grasp of the few words I assemble to speak out, and the ability to feel what I mean to express about man’s sorry way to waste so much of life before he comes to his senses, sadly too often too late, when his fellowman must also suffer his ill conceived self-serving choices. Thank you so, for your well chosen and kind words. Jean-Jacques

      • I have come to think that we are what our decisions make us. Sometimes we only realize that when we look back, when time has run its course.

      • Yes, absolutely… as to our minds from an intellectual point, kind of the other side of the coin, as to physically being what we eat makes us. Both having the same looking back effect. Excellent point indeed mon ami! Jean-Jacques

    • Merci Marianne… it’s doubly touching, these words of accolade for this most recent poem, suggesting in a way that I continue to stir up emotional surprise in you with my writing, in as much as you’ve read near all the poetry I’ve written in more that thirty years. With that kind of encouragement I could not stop writing, even if I wanted to. Thank you my love! Jean-Jacques

    • My very dear Paulette, I’m overwhelmed by the quality of comments this poem has received from you and a few others, in spite of your different paths to describe your insight of this poem. That of what I express on man’s round about way to arrive at the realization of his destructive ways, for himself and his fellowman. Thank you for this and your kind compliment! Jean-Jacques

  2. Wonderful poem my friend…you are so sensible and deep on those words…thank you Jean-Jacques, I very muche enjoy reading you. Have a nice week-end, Delvi.

  3. Congratulations! It’s with great pleasure that I announce that you were nominated for the ‘’ The Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award’’, for the much beautiful message of joy, peace, hope and love that you pass on with your marvelous Blog. Keep on you much appreciated work that touches the Heart of Human Kind! Thank you and good luck in everything!

    D.A. Lavoie and Dame Miracle (Gigi).

    Followo this link : http://dalavoie.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/the-cracking-chrispmouse-bloggywog-award/

    • Dear Delvina… for someone who writes it is rather embarrassing to have to admit being without words in response to this nomination, but there it, as for situations the like, words do fail me. All I can find to say is that I am indeed both flattered and honoured to have been nominated, and thank you and whoever is involved for making this choice. In any event, thank you my friend for letting me know. Jean-Jacques

      • Hi Jean-Jacques…I chose you because you write so well…your words inspire hope, joy, peace and love, the 4 components of this Award. I personnaly chose you , because even though I don’t respond to all your beautiful poems, you have a way of touching the heart and souls my friend. So just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the rest! Have a great Sunday…Delvi.

      • I’m happy if this gesture pleases you my friend…may then we both keep on writing and touching people a little with our words…thank you for being part of my WordPress Family. Big hugs and kisses, Delvi.

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