“ Tolerance ” ~ beyond limit ~


You aspired listen

To words true

Of assured veracity,

But what you hear

Be voice at odds,                                                      

Self-served askew

In object wanting,

That extends far

Of wisdom’s reach,

While our elect

Said meagre choice,

Of dubious advocate

Adversely foists,

Erroneous postulates

On beings hopeful,

Held beyond limit

Of noetic tolerance!


14 thoughts on ““ Tolerance ” ~ beyond limit ~

  1. People hear, but they don’t always listen, espicially to the voices who say different that what they think of. So then those of wisdom go on marching in their world, just hoping that one day their mystic side will be seen and recognize. Very beautiful my friend, thank you.

    • Hey, my friend Delvina! Thank you. Right on the mark… and as well some listen but don’t hear, because they are insecure and thus run away in the opposite direction, while busy thinking of a defence rebuttal, not aware that one is with them and not against them.. Jean-Jacques

    • It pleases me no end to know, that once in a while what I observe, reflect upon and so express, really does connect as I had hoped it would. Thank you Rebecca, and Paulette, dear ladies for each of your comments that lets me know the connection happen! Jean-Jacques

  2. I missed the typos. I was using blind as a metaphor for none so blind as those who can not see, none so deaf for those who can’t hear, as that’s what came up from yours as the difference between what we listen to and what we hear. Not sure what the typos were, lol. 😉

    • It was primarily a wordpress screw-up on the initial post, the while picking up two fusspot details which I corrected right after,because this poem appears in the second edition Matters book coming out possibly tomorrow.
      By the way ‘ blind ‘ as a metaphor for deaf and blind, re listen and hear, was the heart of the intent, and right on. Sorry that correction message to wordpress should not have been made to circulate. Thank you Paulette for letting me know.

  3. Hi, since you were following the Blog Migration-X3, I take the liberty to leave you this message to inform you that Migration-X3 has been deleted. From now on, the same Blog and its content have the name of D.A. Lavoie, and the address is: http://dalavoie.wordpress.com . So I ask you to take note of this and it will be a real pleasure to greet you there! Have a nice day, D.A. Lavoie.

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