“ The Book ” ~ of blank pages ~

A book in search

Of giving birth

To pages blank,

Hopes but record

Views so composed,

With words’ accord

To author predisposed,

Might ease the way

That dare initiate

A scribe’s want say,

Upon a virgin page

Empty so, intimidates

The while a book awaits

Words chose breathe life,

To uninhabited blank pages!


10 thoughts on ““ The Book ” ~ of blank pages ~

    • Thank you Paulette, dear friend. A gift from Marianne of a William Shakespeare cover notebook, for which to write while we were away, (as I refuse to lug a computer or iPad around when I travel) along with that Rome inspiration, with each day a new experience in spite of our many trips to this our favourite city, I assume yielded some positive results. Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. One reason I publish my book and a few more coming, is that I don’t want my life to have been as you put it so well “blank pages”. Lemme know if you showcase daughter’s work on blog.

    • Encore une fois, je vous remercie de vous être abonnée, à mon blog, et très heureux que ma poésie vous ait plus.

      Entre temps, mes souhaits les plus chaleureux, de bonheur et de santé, pour Noël et la Nouvelle Année.


    • Except in this instance, I was having a little game with our collective heads, by putting the blank paged book at the mercy of the author, with said book anxious to have its purpose and destiny fulfilled with the almighty word gracing its empty blank and virgin pages. The inspiration for the poem by the way, was a beautiful leather bound William Shakespeare hard cover notebook, now being used when travelling, to fulfil its held book’s destiny…

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