“ A Place ” ~ in the sun ~


One lives in need

Of a place,

Held be in the sun

For its life giving face,

Tho risks of burn

In sun’s solar run,

We mightn’t discern,

Its perilous pace

Has us suffer pain,

Sparing no place

In spite of the rains,

He’ll find to embrace

Any ones face

Who dares overstay,

For sun, will have its way!

8 thoughts on ““ A Place ” ~ in the sun ~

    • No we didn’t burn, nor if we had, would have had nothing to do with Dante’s Inferno. But we could easily have sunburned as we had beautiful sunny days of 19 and 20 degrees celsius, that forced me to wear a hat, which I must do in the sun for seven more months of a year. Thus so if I wish to prevent a 15 centimetre long scar (from forehead to the back of my head) from turning scarlet red, so the doctors say, for the rest of my days. This was acquired while doing some outdoor handy work, late last July, in a bad very fall, toppling off a badly placed stool. I’ll spare you the rest of the gory details.

      Actually I thought it was quite funny, far more so than Marianne who nearly passed out as she could see my scull thru the split skin as I came up the stairs, at the back of our home.

      Now you know my secret, as to how this poet is often inspired to write, on a variety of subjects thru conditions often far removed from the issue recorded. A kind of delayed reaction I suppose, like thinking oneself lucky to have survived to visit this emotionally charged city, and to be able to write another day.

      Cheers and happy days dear Paulette! Jean-Jacques

    • Ah my dear Rebecca thank you for opening that door to a poem that I’d hope might provoke such discussions. Yes the ancients did worship the sun, understandably and safely so. However they did so at a time when man’s ignorance and careless reluctance to heed scientific ecological warnings, had not yet destroyed the ozone layer, in the process of enabling his financial progress, a.k.a. corporate and political greed.

      Sorry to be such a spoil sport, but I’m old enough to remember the early stages of discovering a hole in said ozone layer. Now whenever I have a laps of memory, having fair skin my efficient dermatologist is there to remind me to cover up and apply heavy layers of sun screen creams to prevent further cancer cell aggression on our, sun ravaged bodies. However I do love that wonderful sun, and like you fortunately I like hats, but more for protection than fashion.

      Compliments of the season dear lady! Jean-Jacques

      • I wear my hats faithfully! My father had skin cancer because of his exposure to the sun in early years. I am blessed with his hair colouring (red) and his fair skin.

        You are NOT a spoil sport. I’m old enough to remember the hole in the ozone layer. While the sun gives warmth, it also has the power to damage. We do not live in the times of the ancients….

        Always a great discussion – thanks Jean-Jacques.

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