“ Obesity ” ~ a corpulent world ~

I can but wonder,

How so composed

Without concern,

Fate should impose

Thus so to suffer,

Man failed put term

To obesity’s torture,

And so I ponder

This hapless burden,

Lived with adversity

In a corpulent world,

Where we offer but pity

Alas to a bleak obesity!

10 thoughts on ““ Obesity ” ~ a corpulent world ~

    • As you say…sadly for too many. The many brought on by malnourishment due to social issues, education and economic conditions depriving proper nourishment, to mention but a few reasons, not to mention inherited genetics. Thank you Paulette. This is number two of seven previously mentioned. Jean-Jacques

    • Merci mon ami… Interesting interpretation of this poem, looking at the world as obese, and rightly so. I thank you for your insight, and the sharing of it. Jean-Jacques

      • Ah the lady fan from NB, Delvina…Your generous words, appropriately at this time of the year, brings joy to this scribbler, and I thank you for this warming gift.

        Delvina, what a wonderful and historic name, though of Greek influence, (but if I remember correctly) from that small ever diminishing country of Albania, on top of a mountain, that has been put thru hell and continues to be treated so in spite of being full of churches of varied denominations. Not much help there which is why I am a skeptic where man made religions are concerned.

        But to the point… how does a primarily Albanian surname become a francophone Lavoie, apart from being from NB, the one and only truly bilingual province in Canada, which I applaud vigorously.

        Happy holidays! Jean-Jacques

      • Wow| Thank you Jean-Jacques for all this history on my name! Seems you know a lot of history my friend! Yes, how such a first name made its way to New Brunswick?!? It’s another mystery of life I guess! I like Greek people and would have also liked to visit Greece…well I did in another life, in readings, pictures and imagination, but it’s better than nothing right?!? Lol! Well, I’m please that you told me all this…I guess the people from Albania pass along part of their courage and determination to me by strange channels! It’s very nice to share with you my friend…Happy Holidays to you to, have a great day.

    • Thank you Louise… Nice touch, your food for thought! If you check out the other comments on this poem, you’ll find a response that has some bearing, to a like comment of yours. Jean-Jacques

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