9 thoughts on ““ Caution ” ~ to the wind ~

  1. Hello Jean-Jacques

    Marvellous craft from the Bard of Sweetsburg. You are truly gifted.


    John Dykeman

    Et Joyeuse Noël pour ta famille

    • Hey John Dykeman,

      Always a special treat to hear from you my friend, especially bearing such kind and generous words. It pleases me no end that you should be moved by this poem that occasions you to let me know, and I thank you for doing so.

      Happy days, and compliments of the season to you and yours too, mon ami!

    • Thank you Paulette. The first of seven written while I was away, in the wee hours when one can reflect on life past, and experiences we provoke that change the course of one’s life path, and how we cope. Jean-Jacques

  2. I’ve been thinking about your words for the past couple of days. When we throw caution to the wind, we ready ourselves for what is possible. So many times, we limit, even canonize our existence. “To ride the wind….” it gives me goosebumps even thinking about it!

    Is that the wind I hear outside my window….yes! I must depart for I’m off to ride the wind…

    • Ah yes indeed… once in a while a few simple words will hook you, so to speak, and have us off in varied directions. For example one of freedom that recalls the fate of someone quite dear, me self that is, had me reflect on a little mishap early last summer that had three possible options. One death, one total incapacitation, one freedom with a pronounced scar to be reminded of life’s fragility. After a few weeks in Rome, a city that has one thinking of all and such issues included, had me feel the hand of fate, and thankful to be able to do so, as in free to ride the wind, the third option which tells of good fortune and freedom to carry on in spite of having thrown caution to the wind…

      I did very much enjoy your goosebumps words reaction, “Is that the wind I hear outside my window….yes! I must depart for I’m off to ride the wind…” and I thank you for the added direction, you my dear Rebecca, have found in my words.


      • I do so enjoy our conversations. Life is indeed fragile; we long for security in an uncertain world, yet, it is when we, as you say, throw caution aside, that we truly live. In the end, it is about the connections that we make along the way….

        Thank you, Jean-Jacques!!

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