“ The Hand ” ~ that feeds ~

As I observe

The hand

That feeds,

Wants serve

The life I live

With verve,

Fashioned so

As fate did give,

To find contrive

Thru every curve

Meant stay alive,

Be worth invest

In destined strides,

Hence to survive

The waning signs

We visualize,

Protuberant veins

Neath thinning skin

Covers aging within,

Telling of life ephemeral

The while bemoaning

Mind means decline,

This hand will feed me still!

9 thoughts on ““ The Hand ” ~ that feeds ~

      • I had to come back to let you know your two, very beautifully done, books arrived. The design is magnificent (note to Marianne) – it fits so well with your wonderful poetry. I’m deeply humbled by your talent and gift. Thank you so much! Your friend, Paulette

      • Hi Paulette, how very nice of the to say. Marianne and I thank you for your most generous and welcome comments. It’s the kind of encouragement that spurs us on to work towards the completion of the second edition of the second and third of the original three books. Thanks again, mille grazie!

      • Just got back, and for your kind and generous words I thank you ever so much. I’m so pleased that you found the books to your liking. THank you my dear friend! Jean-Jacques

    • I had to come back to you, after having had a chance to re-read in a more relaxed state, from la bella Roma, messages that called for a more worthy response, i.e. yours to “The Hand”. Thus your very poetic comment in those four simple but succinct truly thoughtful words stayed with me, such that I had to let you know I find myself fortunate to have been befriended by the very special lady that you are. Thank you again Paulette!

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