“ Face To Face ” ~ in a crimson place ~

The face

You claim,

Burns now

Palpably lame,

In a scarlet state

Finds suffer blame,

With skin ablaze

Head bows in shame,

Thus so observed

Begs fool indifferent,

Holds look aflame

From face to face

In sun’s day feed,

Be a crimson place

That wants destroy,

Yet gives of life

Save when exceeds,

Man chooses fail to heed!

                                         ode to an era’s ignorance

9 thoughts on ““ Face To Face ” ~ in a crimson place ~

  1. Face to face…also to that face of ours we see each morning in the mirror and sometimes, most of the time, we don’t even who’s reflecting by that glass! Very nice, thank you also for following ”Partager la Magie – Sharing the Magic”. Have a great Monday…

    • And in late 1981 a lot of us moving from northern climates, to inhabit southern California, as I did, still thought we were impervious to our idolized godly sun’s rays. Thanks Paulette. Jean-Jacques

  2. That last flourishing line/footnote does it for me, it makes the whole poem whole. I don’t exactly know what the poem is truly about, but that doesn’t matter as it can apply to so many things, people, countries even. Very enjoyable.

    • Thank you for for sharing your reaction, and well said comment. You are absolutely on the mark, for I am also of the school of thought that poems are and or should be accepted as rather abstract short stories. Much like an abstract painting of words from which the reader can glean what he or she feels or sees.

      For me what this poem is about is the influence of the positive effects of life giving rays of our beloved Sun. However like everything else in life, too much of a good thing can be destructive, ergo lest we forget, the negative effects which for me pops up thirty some years later. Jean-Jacques

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