“ In A Dream ” ~ nightmarish ~


In a dream


Holds initiate

Of scary scenes,

That exacerbate

Vile screams, 

Meant to alarm

A fertile mind,

As to expose

Ominous time,

Of foul bellows

Would so extend

To reach beyond,

Such eerie sounds

Dream begs to end!

                                                                 ode to a child I knew

8 thoughts on ““ In A Dream ” ~ nightmarish ~

    • One of the interesting aspects of poetry I have found over the years is that one can say a whole lot with few words. Somewhat like an abstract painting that allows the viewer to be part of the story and understand it from his or her own perspective. Thanks for your concise and to the point description.
      Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. Nightmares are part of ourselves. Repressed thoughts take advantage of the sleep to express themselves in a confused way. Your poem expresses vividly the insidious way these thoughts find their way out….or not!

    • Indeed a very succinct and well expressed analysis of a timeless uncontrollable life experience, that is at times positive in terms of delighting, and others held agonizing as in this poem, of a nightmarish dream… Jean-Jacques

    • Ah…dear paulette, I was given a powerful memory for images. In a way a double-edged sword, at times a blessing, at times a curse. This one the latter, from a very young age and very big loss, for which words easily fall into place. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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