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    • Merci Diane… Il s’agit de la bonne chance d’avoir accès aux grands talents artistiques ainsi photographique de chère Marianne!

      In another language… it’s a question of my good fortune, in having access to the substantial artistic and photographic talents of my dear Marianne.

    • Thank you Paulette… That is indeed an encouraging start. I now look forward to your reaction to the whole book.

      In the meantime take care of yourself, so as to get well quickly.

      Ciao, my friend. Jean-Jacques

    • How very nice of you to say. Such is the kind of encouragement that nourishes a scribbler’s soul, and for one who does so in the world of poetry, every morsel is a banquet.

      I do hope you and Paulette will enjoy this new book. New in terms of this being a second edition of my very first published book in January of 2007, of which every poem has been completely revisited, with a number of new scribbles added. This second edition, revisited is kind of the grown up version of a first book.

      Thank you and Paulette, for your ongoing interest, and generous positive comments.

      Speedy recovery to Paulette. Jean-Jacques

  1. Bravo et bonne continuation, J-J! 🙂 amitiés toulousaines et une fin de semaine agréable… Mélanie

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