“ November ” ~ to remember ~

How could I not


Fate had chose


To death encumber

Exiguous shoulders,

And suffer weight

Of lamentable state,

With words inapt

In witless pap,

For just departed father

So long ago that November,

A then boy would remember!

                                                                      ode to 39 year old father

12 thoughts on ““ November ” ~ to remember ~

    • Actually it is in fact a too well disguised memory of an eventual reaction to comments made, supposedly in sympathy for that 39 year young man’s demise. While in retrospect it was the usual witless standard canned pap of the era, which for an 11 year old was a frightening hand me down nonsensical responsibility, which I carried for a good part of my life. Cause to remember the year, month, day, and hour that the loss occurred.

      Glad you liked the piece, and thank you for letting me know dear friend.


    • I thank you Rebecca… for exposing my words to a more encompassing reach. And, Je me souviens, I remember, in my end of this country when it had a positive connotation of togetherness, as one people, one family, squabbles and all. Jean-Jacques

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