“ Night Follies ” ~ a chilling journey ~


I’ve a feeling I fly

In the dying light

Of a hostile sky,

Ever urging me on

This endless flight,

Be dream er deems

A chilling journey

Of night folly extremes…


Nights the like

Emerge but to blur

My anxious reach

For sapient deter,

I seek to compose

To author propose

Held liberal worth,

Of nights to dispose

With merit want spare,

Said weary night follies! 


4 thoughts on ““ Night Follies ” ~ a chilling journey ~

    • Ah dear Beth if I may… how very kind and generous of you to offer such a grand comparison. But mine is but the work of an old, soft philosophical observer, who writes about life lived, observed and seen, this thru the poetic medium, and alas minus the substantial genius of Joyce. Poetry says a lot in fewer words, and that suits my personality. Thank you for your welcomed comment. Jean-Jacques

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