“ Looking ” ~ from inside out ~


From inside out,

I see a face

Has me in doubt,

Though I know

It’s me inside and out,

I fail discern

This face be so,

As one I’d worn

The many years

Since I was born…


As lines of time

In crags so shape,

Thus bared façade

Conjures adverse,

Allows one see

Life be perverse…


Hence though I gaze

With woeful eyes,

The while I fantasize

At once arresting face,

Now to imagine wise

Mind so disguised

That I should visualize,

Looking from outside in!

5 thoughts on ““ Looking ” ~ from inside out ~

    • Thanks again kind friend. In effect it is more or less a natural reaction to time affecting us mentally and physically. But a little accident a couple of days ago brought these thoughts home to roost, and produced this picture. Other than that, I am not too productive with new work these days, as I am in the process of putting together 4, yes 4 new books of poetry, starting hopefully in late October. Jean-Jacques

    • Privileged with more good luck than I deserve I’m sure, the damage was on the surface of my very hard head, and it will not interfere with my usual foolery. Stitches out in 4 days so healing well underway.

      As to the books, you are too kind and I am ever so touched (more than I can express) by your generous offer. I thank you for this, and will keep it in mind, letting you know as they are completed, and accordingly send you copies.

      C’est rciproque… and a happy weekend to you and yours too. Jean-Jacques

  1. My nickname when I was a child was hammerhead. Due to bicycle wrecks, falling out of trees and so on. Anyway, I got the stitches out of my forehead yesterday and I feel great. Ready to go jogging again.

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