“ Requital ” ~ for said unfair ~

Know requite be

For said unfair,

Who thus so rule,

To take from they

The frail to fool,

And without care

Discount despair…


Thus be requital

For miscreants,

Of callous ways

Sets time await,

They so will live

To find a fated day!

6 thoughts on ““ Requital ” ~ for said unfair ~

    • Thanks you. Sadly the monster (the takers as you say) has grown out of manageable proportions. The requital unfortunately will come, if ever, too late for my generation, but if it does maybe those who follow will see more optimism than pessimism. Jean-Jacques

    • And then some, and sadly to stop it would require that we lower ourselves to their level. Living with them is bad enough, living like them would be intolerable. Jean-Jacques

    • I am not a believer of man made religions as you might have noticed or will at some point in my writings. Throughout history we are witness to religions and nationalism are the cause of wars and destruction. But on the other hand I am a firm believer in Karma. Or as that old cliche tells, every dog has its day. Jean-Jacques

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