“ Solaris ” ~ in shades abyss ~

Sun must be shy

As he’ll not look

Me in the eye,

Nor will he soar

As had before,

We ruined his sky…


He may ne’er more

Want light our way,

We who fouled

His heaven’s air,

Spewing waste

Corrupting space,

Once known safe

In a world gone grey,

As Solaris fades away…


Alas the keepers

Have ignored,

Desperate shouts

Of world untoward,

Solaris suffers

Shades abyss,

Thus can but move

To light another place,

Leaving shadows

Till dark be  fate, 

Would end mankind

Starved of Solaris face!

3 thoughts on ““ Solaris ” ~ in shades abyss ~

    • I don’t mean it to be, as it is one of the transitional passages into darkness. The whole of it is however something I have come to realize more than ever as time unforgivingly nudges me to clearly see reality, and how this generation keeps pushing its, our luck, at the determent of the upcoming generations. Generations which includes my decedents as in grandchildren as well.

      I’ve a family member who keeps trying to convince the world that “tar sands oil” is as pure as that RC churches holy water. It seems nobody ever noticed that every Tom, Dick, and Harry puts their dirty hands in it, to bless themselves as they enter a church. But that’s another story, about religious rituals that is. Jean-Jacques

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