“ Vanished ” ~ a lost friend ~

Will I be there

As I intend,

With ample time

For a lost friend,

He of a mind

Echoing mine,

Did one day pen

The like inspired

Might find amends…


No matter where

I seek to find,

Not in a state

To care too late  ,

But wits aware

To so repair,

Purpose aligned

Those years ago,

Since undermined…   


Tho life bids want,

Care but suggests

To not long dwell

The depths of hell,

Save there be more

Of lived before,

A friendship set adrift

Yet not quite vanished!

4 thoughts on ““ Vanished ” ~ a lost friend ~

    • Poignant as is your comment. You have a friend, as close as they come for 25 plus years, and one day they’re gone, and you never find why. It’s like a death without closure. Yet when you think back, life is peppered with ‘whatever happened to, and I wonder what so and so is doing now, if he or she is still alive. Life…go figure! Jean-Jacques

      • I understand all too well. My brother, 8 years my senior, is schizophrenic and has disappeared. We’ve no idea where he is and all efforts to try to find him have met dead ends. One continues, but this… a mystery that doesn’t rest well in ones heart. Life presents things, we make lemonade from lemons or we pucker the bitterness. On this end, it’s lemonade, despite all temptations against making the effort… Hugs to you and M and the furries.

      • I’ve written a lot about friends and friendship. Most are on the positive side, but as you know life is full of contradictions. Yet to my dying day, my glass will always be half full, rather than half empty! Hugs to you and yours as well, dear lady. Jean-Jacques

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