“ Merchant of Greed ” ~ the gods did fashion ~

On day six

The gods did fashion

A creature thick

They labelled man,

Save on day seven

Concept was panned,

As but a failed trick,

And forced to confess

‘Twas their worst yet,

This lowest living form

The world would get,  

And gods coined human …


Thus without a soul

Ingredient main

In held man’s role,

Ideated in its stead

Implanting greed

To complete its head,

Yet would err apart,

By the omit of a heart…


Hence till all be dust

This fashioned man,

Be a merchant of greed

Who’d forever fuss,

To feed an inexorable lust!


                                              ~ a cry for woman to usurp,

                                                         considering man’s record ~

8 thoughts on ““ Merchant of Greed ” ~ the gods did fashion ~

    • A bit difficult to resuscitate as she has been dead for some time, and I don’t believe in resurrection.

      Regardless, “a change is as good as a rest”, and women have since known they don’t have to play a man’s role to get it done right. They have all of man’s failures, including iron lady/man Thatcher’s of things not to do in front of them, coupled with their superior brain that can fix things without killing to do so. They surely can’t do worse than our so called men to date, if you look at history up to this very day!


    • Of course, and wouldn’t it be something if the leaders we elect to office, didn’t ignore why and what for we give them these jobs, by disallowing the kind of greed and corruption that goes on, in the senate for example, and no doubt at every other level of government. Aren’t they a wonderful example for the average citizen… Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you for liking it, and not just because women are indeed the best option left we men happen to have, who truly care about the survival of this planet for all of us and future generations. Jean-Jacques

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