“ Mesmerizing Eyes ” ~ would be denied ~

There’s a look

In those eyes,

So provocative

They mesmerize,

Yet she’s denied

By vacant guise,

What suggests

View marginalized,

For his incline

Be not of accord,

With her bold design…  


Tho she leans closer

To tempt approval,                                       

Of her sultry lure,

It fails to entice

His lack of taste                                                       

For female delight,

Despite the pleading

That lies in her eyes,

The gods had created

To want  mesmerize!

12 thoughts on ““ Mesmerizing Eyes ” ~ would be denied ~

    • Flashes of something that catches your eye and interest, and gets buried in the back of your mind, pops up sometimes years later to inspire a poem.

      It’s the story of a very beautiful young couple sitting at a restaurant table, close enough for me to see and hear, without obviously being in their line of sight. Long story shortened, she looked sadly eager and very taken with him, sadly because he was not in the least bit interested, confirmed by his letting it be known that his interest was not in the ladies. True or false, I’d known someone personally, years ago, who had lived a like story. The memory of that someone, and the aforementioned restaurant scene had me feeling for their unsolvable frustrations and sad ending, and ergo the poem ensued.

      Now you know the whole of it my dear. Hope it didn’t spoil the effect. Jean-Jacques

      • No, it didn’t spoil the effect at all. Usually my own stories, images come, and they did with this as well, but I wondered whose story was it and well,unrequited love (attraction, beginning or heavy into it…) is painful, isn’t it. Sad. Wish there were a switch to turn on to get more love juices flowing.

        Also, in my usual good form of not picking up my typos, the first “no” should be “know” in my original comment.

        Good day to you, and M.

      • Two things… one, I was trying to be subtle in describing his leanings versus hers, ergo no penchant for feminine flavour or contours as in shape, and two…ah ha, the typo, no problem. I simply recalled your advice of when I once mentioned a typo of mine, that words were merely pointers etc, and that it was the meaning’s intent that mattered. Just having a little fun here. More important to me is that you liked the poem.

        And a nice Sunday to you and Terry! Jean-Jacques

      • Oh wow, this is great. I misread “flavor” and just looked it up to see a definition that read “blend” to which it gave a whole new image, as you described. This is a great dialogue for which I’m very glad to be able to have with you. Yes, words are pointers but unfortunately so many have multiple meaning and one goes off being pointed in a mentally wrong direction than intended, the problem with communication at it’s best. To be able to see this, gain more clarity, on your wonderful poem as a metaphor and also to be able to gain more clarity on the value of words and misdirections of same. And, it isn’t just with poetry but all story and conversation. Loving this. Terry sends regards back to you two lovebirds.

      • I thank you for your kind words, and am humbly flattered for I too thoroughly enjoy our exchanges. Pleased you made the connection on a word not likely so that I found appropriate in this instance to use as a metaphor. As well that it worked out just as well in spite of a typo error of my own.

        I have since corrected it which is now as was intended, and I believe to the point as to premise and intent. The error was in the 7th line of the 2nd verse, and was meant to read… For gender flavour ‘ Of feminine contours ‘ and not Or feminine contours. Very minor error yet a substantial difference as to definition.

        One of the drawbacks of human erring. But the end results remains pleasurable. Jean-Jacques

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    • I’ve no idea what this is about, or what it means, but if you think it is fair, correct or deserved, so be it, and sooner or later I will know if I’m to be thankful or otherwise.

    • By the way, sorry not to be very well versed on blogging techniques and usage. However after investigating a bit I now realize this Ping thing, that has me appearing on your alphabet list of positives is most complimentary, and I am indeed very flattered and thankful to you. I know it is not possible that everything I write will always be to your liking, but hopefully there will be a few others in the positive column, among the more than 400 poems posted to date. Thank you again for being so kind and generous. JJ

    • Thank you for your positive reaction. Very pleased that it connected with you. Obviously your blog picture and title ‘WordsFallFromMy Eyes could not be more appropriate, in spite of the direction and story line of my poem. I love the fit! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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