“ Take My Love ” ~ and dance ~

Give me love

Just a little,

Till you know

I won’t loose it,

Take your time

While you muse,

Shall we dance…


Tell me when,

Be your feeling

To declare,

That you care,

In the interim

Shall we dance…


I’ll be there,

If you choose,

To embrace,

We can share

What you feel,

For the while

Shall we dance…


When propitious

For love’s season,

Be fates chance

Held be reason,

Love means stay

Beyond grey,

Take my love

For we shall dance!


6 thoughts on ““ Take My Love ” ~ and dance ~

    • Not a compliment on which I would turn my back, Leonard an excellent poet, and one of the first two anglo poets, the other being Irving Layton who published English poems in Quebec. They had their poems printed in little books and he and Layton sold them door to door in Montreal.

      I love his poems, especially, “Dance me to the end of love”. Thank you for that. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you for that Paulette, though that is a high bar to live up to. You are all too kind to offer such compliments. However it is indeed like encouragement that keeps one writing, as you well know, my dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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