“ Kaleidoscope Life ” ~ of ominous purpose ~

One lives at times

A kaleidoscopic life,

In spite of the pace

That edges on strife,                                      

An inchoate being

Finds worth a taste,

So fancies his stay

He ignores the waste,

And aims not to stray…


Innately deceptive,

Plays a man’s mind

Of fragile compass,

Thus moves thru time

A subject bewildered,

Who tries to survive

A morrows’ circus,

Delivered as bate

Of ominous purpose,

Yet he’ll ruse the gods

If but to perpetuate,

His kaleidoscopic life!

2 thoughts on ““ Kaleidoscope Life ” ~ of ominous purpose ~

    • Eventually I will be required to take that long rest. But in the interim my ceaseless sense of observation, both mentally and physically for all that spikes my curiosity, which is boundless, gives me no rest, and for that I am thankful, for I understand I will have but this one turn at taking it all in. As to expression, it is who I am, and that I haven’t figured out yet, and don’t know if that would be a plus.

      Thank you for your observation, and ever so much for being there.

      You know our most enjoyable bantering back and forth, reminds me of a most beautiful movie made in 1984, with Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins called “84 Charing Cross Road”. Takes place during the 2nd world war, she in New York, he in London. He owns a small specialty book store, from who she acquires rare books, save they write and we internet. If you haven’t seen it, make a point of it, as it’s beauty is not to be missed.

      Have a great week. Jean-Jacques

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