“ Shades ” ~ of an instant ~

There is a bend

In every road

That lies ahead,

Which I envisage

Observe in time,

As  gods but lend

A meagre shade,

Of fleeting instant

Said be a lifetime,

They hypothecate

Up to ebbing tide,

So make ye haste

For one more taste,

As life pulls nearer

To its fated last reside!

2 thoughts on ““ Shades ” ~ of an instant ~

    • Yes of course, save for the greedy who’ve had I’d say far more than their fair share.. Thus for they might not the gods be asking for a restitution?

      Paulette, if I may venture say, you’re a bit of a devil… You know my weakness for provocation and the dialogue that ensues, so you play me like that proverbial fiddle, which I’ve to admit, I find the end result enjoyable, and rather nourishing. I thank you for that and no less for your subtle provocations that keeps it all gratifying and alive.

      Happy days, Jean-Jacques

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