“ The Telling ” ~ or shades thereof ~

The day we find

The telling free

Who we so be,

Might it be worth

More than a tout

Meant so to judge

What we’re about,

Or shades thereof

Thus by the telling

Of me to you,

And you to me…


If I should tell

And you as well

Quite candidly,

Would we so be

Reduced to suffer

Who once were we,

Thus friends in spite

In candid light

We chose so to decipher,

Be likely cause to shudder!

5 thoughts on ““ The Telling ” ~ or shades thereof ~

    • Candid as in open and straightforward, at least between friends once or still, a loved one, maybe even with oneself, etc, etc, in a manner that respects one’s privacy as well? Eh… let me guess, Facebook and Twitter, or a saint, ops sorry an atheist’s bad joke.

      But seriously I don’t have to look too far, for that candid light and nor should you. For a good example, among many others, a good and kind friend of mine by the name of Paulette Mahurin does all the time, as I understand how she lives her life, and as she did eloquently in her best selling book, The persecution of Mildred Dunlap.

      Thanks dear friend, for the opportunity of speaking out about this aspect of “The Telling”, which is about an old friend. Jean-Jacques

      • Oh how I love our dialogues. Yes, what you speak is my experience as well. Then there is the shadow that Jung speaks of, places where the light has a challenge reaching. This is the light I’m speaking of, the same light you’re speaking off. Thank you for these wonderful conversations. 🙂

      • Alas I am now comforted my dear, that you know that I know that Jung’s shadow is no challenge for the light that candidly shines on you and your contributions to your fellow beings, and thus so in all walks of life… and if I may be so bold, I suspect more than often, deservedly or not! Jean-Jacques

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