“ Temperament ” ~ elicitor of emotions ~



Elicitor of emotions,

Diabolical channel

Of reactions,


A gentle state,

Wants be my fate…





Imposing burdens

Of wrathful kind…



Blackened by stage

Of paroxysmal rage,

Like an enervate pawn

I search to stay the way,

Of temperamental sway!

2 thoughts on ““ Temperament ” ~ elicitor of emotions ~

    • You are right about nobody seems to know where it comes from for sure. When I was putting that piece together, I was curious about its influence on humans as well as animals, and in spite of the many scientific researches and opinions, going back a number of years, all seem to end with, in so many words, not too sure as in nothing conclusive. You confirm what I found.. Only you my learned friend comes thru. Thank you for that, and a great weekend to you and yours too. Jean-Jacques

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