“ This Side Of Fair ” ~ a honourable place ~



I’ve need to know

This side of fair

If I’ve been so,

With whom

I’ve shared,

Varied aspects 

Of a life dared…


Imperfect choices 

With answers few,

Wants judge fair

Existent struggles,

Eliciting despair…


I want to know

Without proviso

For weighing so,       


I’ve sided just,

And beyond shades

Of laudable dust

For honourable place,

This side of fair!

8 thoughts on ““ This Side Of Fair ” ~ a honourable place ~

    • I can’t think of a better feeling, and greater compliment, than someone finding themselves becoming one with the story I write. For me that is the ultimate compliment of having written something truly worthwhile. Thank you Marianne for this wonderful gift. Jean-Jacques

    • I agree… and add that even the diehards who may never venture showing, cannot help but feel, and somehow want to know, at least within. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Coming from you Lady Budd, I am left somewhat hanging, while I am touched for having done as you suggest with “This Side Of Fair” for you strike me as one who is very in tune with what I have written. Thank you for sharing this reaction with me. Jean-Jacques

      • My dear friend, the greatest gift you can give me is to “make me think.” I understand your thoughts, however there are profound themes within your words that overlap and add depth and breadth to this conversation. So thank you!!! I do love our conversations…

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