“ Accessible ” ~ despite a mindful bend~


I’ve want to find

But simple words

Held be accessible,

Though at times

May fail to rate

Idea of equitable,

To compose state

Complex in thought,

That fosters lend

Worth contemplate,

Cause means intend

Reason perceived

Despite a mindful bend,

Bar should frustrate,

Appeal to intellectuality!


4 thoughts on ““ Accessible ” ~ despite a mindful bend~

  1. Comme le disait Nicolas Boileau au XVII eme siécle dans son traité sur l’art poétique: “Ce qui se conçoit bien, s’énonce clairement , Et les mots pour le dire, arrivent aisément…” and poetry becomes accessible for simple minded people like myself !

    • Thank you Paulette, for this profound interpret to questioning my sometimes complex choice of expression. At times abstract or convoluted to purposely shake things up for no other reason than to get a reaction from the borderline awake, while at others I do so just to please my musical ear.

      Thinking I may sometimes go to far, produced this last piece. I should have known better, that friend Paulette would see right thru it. Jean-Jacques

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