“ Reflection ” ~ of man in decline ~


I look thru panes

In timeless settings,

Of windows framed

In their reflection,   

By spirits fashioned

Of unworldly landscapes…


There I detect

A man, tho but a spec,

Reflects in decline

A wary face

That could be mine…


As I look o’er

Thru delusory panes,

I can now see

That empty face,

Of wanting features

Be man’s reflection,

All but erased!

2 thoughts on ““ Reflection ” ~ of man in decline ~

    • Thank you Paulette…In essence a reflection, of what I sometimes see flash across my mind, that of what man is in the process of blindly leaving our grandchildren, and more especially theirs.

      Something a little less black follows, tho a little Poe-ish, to let one down easily… Jean-Jacques

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