“ Growing Young ” ~ the while I age ~


As I grow young

The while I age,

My body older

Does engage,

The time it takes

To be the sum

I mean achieve

Unloading vain,

As clearer sense

I attain,

Tho fractioned be

To some extent

It does explain,

Old borders suffer

One’s being bolder,

Than growing old

The while young!

4 thoughts on ““ Growing Young ” ~ the while I age ~

  1. Love the comment, “Life is full of morons.” And, “affordable…” takes a gray cell ‘tween the ears to appreciate the fun/humor and not the pain of those morons, lol. And, to quote a great poet, “And, why not…” Have a great weekend to you, Marianne, and the furry kids.

    • Well the rewarding aspect of writing some of my work, that can be rather abstract, twisted in a nice sense, or far reaching for fun or probe…is that there are in my life, at least one or two most interesting beings, you being one, who has that grey cell to which you refer, and for which I am most thankful, for their recognition. Recognition, my very dear Paulette, of my humble efforts, because words and the pictures they paint, is truly my raison d’être. Thank you for that fine touch of yours. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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