“ Your Love ” ~ and mine ~

One day

When I’m no longer


Music you still hear

Will be the sound

Life gives  pleasure,

From joyful tears

In garnered measure,

Of such memories

That wants linger,

As for the while

You’ll mean recall

Those many times,

We gourmet dined

On moments treasured,

Held of words did bind

Your love and mine!

6 thoughts on ““ Your Love ” ~ and mine ~

    • Thank you… At times the feeling of gratitude for one’s good fortune, while sitting across from one who is primarily responsible for its continuation, is just so overwhelming, words of the kind come to mind and write themselves. Jean-Jacques

    • I can only speak of my own experience with a modicum of accuracy, which suggest that luck plays but a small part in the good things that happen to us. Like recognizing the potential fit, and the lasting value of the opportunity… then acting upon what we may be able to call luck. On this issue, lucky me too. Jean-Jacques

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