“ Imaging ” ~ ones images ~

I see reflections

Mirrors façade

Of who I be,

Causes me wonder

The while envisage

Held state  interior,

Imaging images

Shapes as I see,

Risks find exterior

Created inferior

To image ought be,

Thought fair or bold

Albeit meld justly,

Might not be image

Of persona be whole!

4 thoughts on ““ Imaging ” ~ ones images ~

      • A typo has nothing to do with oneness. That too is included in the big picture. No such thing as perfection. But the sense of a persona feeling whole, now that is pretty darn close.

        Reminded me of another thing I once heard Timothy Leary say in response to someone asking him who are you, “A different person depending on who’s asking,” he responded. Most of the time I feel like that and find it weird, while inside it’s the same “me” looking out at the world without identity. Go figure.

      • Well dear lady, old habits die hard, but if there is no such thing as perfection, these words of yours are not too far removed. Thank you for shinning your light in my direction. Always appreciate your wisdom.

        Now there’s a memory… Timothy Leary, wow! That sure brings me back to an interesting epoch of my life. Some great, and some sad for they who followed his Pied Piper-ing too closely.

        You made my day dear friend! Thank you for all of it.


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