“ In Early Morn ” ~ I see time hurry past ~

When I awake

In early morn

I linger there

The while beguiled,

Envision the while

A rousing storm,

Albeit semiotics

Tells  I am born,

This day again

to keep alive,

Impulsive ways

To but survive,

In life too fast…


Hence so I wake

To contemplate,

A constant haste

That cannot last,

Yet would so blur

Time hurry past,

More than before

Worries  my stay

As it contracts,

To illuminate

Most every day, 

Thus in the wake

Of early morn

Find to invalidate,

Time hurry past!

7 thoughts on ““ In Early Morn ” ~ I see time hurry past ~

    • Ah!… yes in a way I have symbolically, to be reminded of their daily gift, for as long as this lasts. Not much control there, but if I could find the magic to slow them down, would I be thought greedy, and asking just too much?

      Thank you for your accolade, dear Lady Budd.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. Reduce to correct typeface size, first line of each of the two verses, as I have done on this post copy. Thank you for posting correctly on future posts. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • It takes a while for a night awol to see the full beauty in detail of sun up to sun down, but thankfully the passage of time opens a mind to wisdom. Thank you Paulette. Jean-Jacques

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