“ An Image ” ~ in shades and shadows ~


I see an image,

Once hidden  

In shades,

And shadows

Meant hide

Worrying age,

Be now a clear visage

Free of held habit,

And enduring baggage

Of onerous adage,

Finds burden we carry

Like unwanted weight

Of rapacious feed,

Shapes image needs

For shades and shadows!

2 thoughts on ““ An Image ” ~ in shades and shadows ~

  1. Jung would appreciate this. It has been in seeing parts of my “shadow” that I have gained a different and unexpected freedom. And, although it took illness (Lyme disease) for this to come to pass, it has been and continues to be a gift. Happy day to you, my friend.

    • Once more, the most reflective of they who’s critique speak with extraordinary insight. Gives a raison d’tre to one’s effort and struggle spent toward an attempt to express human struggle to free oneself of unnecessary baggage we hang on stubbornly, simply out of habit. Thank you, dear friend for your care and encouragement. Jean-Jacques

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