“ Silence ” ~ for gratuitous impede ~

Why must I bide

Sounds of silence,

At times a blessing

Now likely chide,

Tho weary waiting                             

On verbosity,                                                          

Baring hint of life…


Might I propose

Shades composed,

Betwixt emptiness

Of passive silence,

And the tedium                                                              

Of prolix verbosity


A word or more

I so implore

Even beneath

The aural norm,

If but to tease

In lieu of please,

Save impose silence

For gratuitous impede!

4 thoughts on ““ Silence ” ~ for gratuitous impede ~

    • I was born in the city, so I’m as urban as they come. Then one day I took a ride in the country and discovered silence, that blissful silence. But like most great pleasures, it is a two edge sword when one is starved to desperation, in need to hear if nothing else the spoken words of say, I love you. Jean-Jacques

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