“ An Angel ” ~ without wings ~

There are angels

Not of seraphim

Nor a cherubim,

An angel that be

Decidedly a she

Of secular whim, 

Angelic to the eye

Will candidly  imply,

She’s not immune to sin…


An angel just the same

Without need of wings,

In a curvaceous frame

Made of earthly things,

A siren yet so graceful

Gliding in the rhythm  

Of a tantalizing state,         

Where angels the like

Shan’t likely populate,

In a world of seraphim!

2 thoughts on ““ An Angel ” ~ without wings ~

    • Ah my dear Paulette, what honour you bestow on your humble friend, yours truly. To suggest that Rumi might appreciate my poem is a very large compliment indeed, for which I am most grateful, and encouraged.

      As to how lucky she is, let me assure that it is I who is the lucky one, to be so fortunate as to have such constant inspiration living under the same roof.

      Lest we forget I can but mention that my good fortune extends beyond this roof, in as much as one Paulette Mahurin has chosen to befriend, and accordingly generously offers me her most welcome support and constructive critique. Thank you for continuing to be there, chre ami. Jean-Jacques

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