“ The Child In Me ” ~ tho but a shade ~

It matters not,

Be but a shade

Of used to be,

He does exist

The child in me…

Many will say

It can’t be he,

For what we see

Is but a hint

Of said once be,

I play their game

Knowing full well

He’s still the same…


Yet more claim

I am for naught,

The child is gone

Tho I think not,

For we remain 

One and the same…


I know the child

Yet lives in me,

As so he must

From birth

Until meant day

One turns to dust!

6 thoughts on ““ The Child In Me ” ~ tho but a shade ~

    • And in all of us, who know their strength lies in the child that lives inside. He who be the surest hope this world survives for the child that follows. Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • I think it is the child in each of us who is in touch with the essence of us, the essence of the universe and the essence of the divine, which are all one and the same. (。◕‿◕。)

      • I absolutely agree with your way of interpreting the abstract picture of the poetic element of my story, up to the divine, for outside of oneself, and at that point the people of this planet share a variety of beliefs.

        So I say, to each ones own, for what is divine for some, has no meaning for others, and the sooner we can accommodate by eliminating the like segregation, the better the chance for world harmony, ergo the potential end of conflict, terrorism, war and nationalistic narrow-mindedness. Thank you for your comment, and establishing a discussion point. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Thank you… and I shall be forever thankful for that privilege. That which gives the kind of naive hope that sort of counterbalances the frustrations of cynicism. we acquire with the repetitiveness of our fellowman’s social injustices. Those things you so rightly write about all the time my dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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