“ The Paradise I Knew ” ~ or so I’d dreamed ~


The paradise I knew

Lost now to years,

When youth yet be

A part of me,

And had no boundaries

As far as you could see…


‘Twas paradise alive

For life to thrive

On courage sound,

Would so derive

Felicity that loomed

Thru fate want found…


Alas would end

Such reveries of youth,   

The while did suffer

Fantasies falter,

As mature felt reality

Eventually alter

The paradise I knew,

Or so I’d dreamed!

4 thoughts on ““ The Paradise I Knew ” ~ or so I’d dreamed ~

    • Me thinks you words are far too kind, but please don’t stop, as gluttony is a difficult addiction to give up cold turkey.

      On a more serious note, it is such a pleasure to be reminded of these great literary masters, and to my good fortune, between you and my dear wife Marianne, I have the pleasure of being fed English and French authors. I mustn’t forget to mention that our friend from Australia is also a learned contributor, on the Anglo side of the feed equation. Thank you Paulette for this one. Jean-Jacques

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